Ahmad Halim


About me

Highly organised and professional, Ahmad is a natural leader who mentors his staff and has created a thriving, family orientated, team-based environment at List Rent Sell. He is highly regarded by his industry peers and clients, having garnered a reputation for outstanding results over the years.

Ahmad’s attention to detail, open and frank communication, and integrity have earnt him a large client base in a highly competitive industry, something both sellers and buyers are able to draw upon. It is these qualities which give him an edge when it comes to negotiating the best deals.

Ahmad’s ethos is to give you his all, so you can get the most. Not content with resting on the laurels of a strong market, it’s not enough for Ahmad just to make ‘the sale’. He’ll work to maximise your property’s potential and return on investment. People and property are Ahmad’s life-long passions.